The Prairie Village South Homeowners Association operates under the authority provided by state statute and the following governing documents.  These documents collectively establish the rules that all homeowners must follow, so it is recommended that all homeowners and tenants be familiar with the following documents:

Miscellaneous Documents


Product Information for Weed Treatments

Below please find links to the labels for herbicides that FLM will potentially be using on the HOA properties, at different times, this season.

Ranger Pro – Used, as needed, for beds, tree rings, exterior fence lines.

Triplet sf – Used on grass turf.

Drive XLR8 – Used, as needed, on crabgrass and some problematic weeds. Native and turf.

Specticle Flo – Pre-emergent – used in ornamental beds.

Milestone – Used in Native grass areas.

Panoramic 2SL- Used in Native grass areas.